Best Gun Fights in the Movies

Movie makers and video producers understand the value of a good gun fight. People love the thrill of a battle on the big screen. And, as decades pass we are seeing a rise in popularity in this cinematic artistry. Gun fights are showing up in almost every movie genre. So, what are the best gun fights in the movies? We’re glad you asked.

And, while we appreciate your enthusiasm, we have to get serious with you for a moment. Guns are powerful tools and can be quite dangerous. That’s why you need to learn more about gun storage. You may enjoy watching a gun fight on screen, but to ensure your family is safe, you need to invest in proper storage for your personal firearms. The last thing you want is someone in your family reenacting the gun fight you recently viewed in a movie. Once that’s taken care of, feel free to invest some time in these films with exceptional shootouts.

Gun Fights

Shootouts and Gun Fights You Need to See

In this list, you will find a wide variety of movies from various time periods. The majority of them include serious shootouts. Hopefully, you will enjoy these shootouts and gun fights you need to see as much as we have:

  • The Long Riders (1980)- Produced by Walter Hill, this is a Western complete with a shootout that corresponds with a bank robbery. There’s a lot of slow motion blood spatter. And, you will even have the chance to see horses jump through glass in slow motion as well.
  • Shoot ‘em Up (2007)- Look forward to a man getting killed with a carrot after you are amazed by the opening gun fight scene. The marksmanship in this film is exceptional.Read more about this movie.
  • The Wild Bunch (1969)- Compared to modern day films this might feel a little lackluster. However, when it came out, it was a veritable bloodbath. It will leave you utterly disoriented and make you wonder about previously delineated genres.
  • MacGruber (2010)- Here’s an example of a comedy embracing the action of a semi-automatic. The only thing you will note about this film is that its main character is completely incompetent and his way with guns proves that.
  • The Way of the Gun (2000)- Speaking of ways with guns, the movie of a similar title has a lot of incredible action. Every bullet in this movie counts and don’t be surprised when you feel like taking cover.
  • Dillinger (1973)- An oldy but a goody, so they say. With more Western style shootouts and even some epic machine gun action this is one you will want to watch more than once. Add to that the dramatic videography of a house getting shot to bits and this film won’t disappoint. You can watch the whole movie, for free, here.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)- Enjoy some serious tactical battles in this action-packed superhero flick. Joe and Anthony Russo prove their abilities in the earth-bound conflicts. Plus, there are a lot of superhuman feats and hand to hand combat. This is a realistic heroic fantasy that you won’t want to miss.

And, if these movies don’t satisfy your need for bullet drenched conflict, you can find more by clicking this link. We feel confident that your appetite for destruction and guns will be dually satisfied given the host of movie options provided. But, as we suggested before, don’t forget to keep your real guns secure in the right storage place.

Startling Moments in Videos

We all know that scripted video production is the typical methodology for most movies and TV shows. However, there are moments when the scenes you see on these venues are more real than you realize. That is why we have compiled this list of startling moments in videos. Sometimes you are seeing an actor’s genuine response.

Many of you have heard about the 40 Year Old Virgin scene in which Steve Carrell’s chest gets waxed. And, you may even know that they actually waxed his chest in that scene. So, the screaming we all cracked up at was his genuine response. Therefore, if you think you might need to get your own chest, or other location, waxed, we suggest you follow hairfreeclub on Facebook. You will be less surprised and pained by that experience than Carrell was with his!

Startling Moments in Videos

Other Shocking Video Production Realities

While some reactions in film are genuine there are two methods usually employed to achieve those results. There is enforced method acting, where the producers surprise the actors with events on scene that aren’t included in the script. And, the other is more of an accident or an ad-lib that is just too good to cut out. The results are the same, a more compelling and memorable viewing experience. So, here are some other shocking video production realities:

  • Alien– When that alien bursts out of the first chest on the film, the actors simply knew that something would happen. Producers did not give them all the details because they wanted to get their actual reactions. They had no idea they would be showered with blood and gore. This is why the screaming and arm-flailing by Veronica Cartwright seems so real, it was! Learn more about the movie, Aliens to see what other craziness ensued.
  • Mad Men– A scene in the third season of the show has been well-talked about. It involves a lawnmower. The actors and actresses were informed that they would be splattered with blood on the count of three, but instead the splatter happened on two. They were all genuinely surprised.
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers– When Aragorn kicks the orc helmet, assuming that Merry and Pippin are dead, in a rage he screams and breaks down. It is an impressively real moment in the film. And, that’s because it is. After redoing the scene several times, the scene they chose to keep in the video is the moment he breaks two toes kicking the helmet. That’s real pain on the big screen. Read this to find out what other mishaps occurred during the filming of the Lord of the Rings series.
  • Fight Club– There are two memorable and real moments in this film. One is the moment that Ed Norton hits Brad Pitt. Pitt hollers, “You hit me in the ear!” That’s because the producer pulled Norton aside and told him to actually hit Pitt. That was a surprise attack for sure. And, then there’s the scene where the two are drunk hitting golf balls from their yard. This was not actually in the script. They both got drunk and thought it would be fun to hit the balls at the catering truck.

If you’d like access to several other films with real moments in them, you can click this.

How You Can Promote Your Business Effectively

You have finally opened your new business and you have realized that even with all of the careful planning that you have done, you are still having a hard time letting your business become well-known. You have tried reaching out to your target market but you somewhat feel like your efforts are wasted or you feel like you still have to make more effort in order to become recognized.

You already know that for your business to become recognized, you need to have a brand name that is easy to remember. The more that people remember your brand name, the better the word-of-mouth promotion of your business is going to be.

How You Can Promote Your Business Effectively

If you do not have any knowledge about marketing, you have two options: you can choose to start learning about marketing on your own or you may hire someone to do it for you. If you are going to choose the former, do not worry because while you may not have the knowledge that a professional marketer has, you can promote your business on a shoestring budget.

  1. Create a video of your brand and the items that you are selling.

If you have not set up social media accounts yet, now is your time to do it. Be serious in placing your name on these social media sites because in case your business becomes more popular in the future, you will be stuck with those social media accounts for a long time. The video you are going to create can be uploaded on the different social media accounts. It will get the attention of your market and at the same time, people will be more compelled to watch it. Watching is preferred by people most of the time especially when compared to reading.

  1. Try having some digital signs put up near your location.

If there is one thing that you can do in order for people to take notice of what you are doing, it is to have some digital signs placed near your store. People would love taking pictures of the digital signs especially if you have them customized to make them as unique as possible. Make sure to place your brand name and your logo there and you will not have any issues with it.

  1. You can ask some people to try out your products and services so that they can be promoted.

There are a lot of bloggers who are more than willing to check out what you can offer. If they like what you are selling, then they will gladly place positive reviews on their blogs. The more that people see your stuff, the more that they would like to experience what you can provide too.

  1. Do not forget to make your own blog.

If you think that you can promote through other blogs, do not underestimate your power to create your own blog too. It can be amazing especially if you know how to do proper SEO to make your blog content easier to search through search engine sites.

With all of these details available, promoting your business wouldn’t be too hard, right?

Top Video Sharing Apps!

It was the time of folks’ lives when videos were imagined to be the new most amazing thing to them and considered not less than magic. Who did not love to see themselves moving, smiling, talking and able to watch them repeatedly and kept all those memories alive?

Then the technology had just entered to human lives and taken all over the media market which made recording movies easy. With all the technological advancements, in early times, people get to use those handy cameras that could record videos. A VCR was used to play those video cassettes, and the little joys were considered great luxuries. However, with the further development in the field, everyone now can own video cameras, DSLR’s or either smart phones having vivid cameras.

Top Video Sharing Apps!

Going on a vacation, having fun moments, capturing, saving and sharing them have been now a lot easier. People could be having the time of their lives, any kind of special moments they have live updates can be quickly sent to their friends all the time. When it comes to the vacations, you can make it better, just decide to timeshare the place. Occidental vacation club that has been giving away the memberships of resorts in the most heavenly countries on the earth like, Costa Rica, Colombia, Italy and more. It offers you the best deals in a time sharing various vacation places. You will find several activities to do inside and as well as outside the club. With the time-sharing strategy, you will be saving much money on living accommodation, and you can spend the saved money on making your future trips better. The club gives numerous benefits to their employees along with a pleasant work place and good packages. You will find places to grow and learn and gain plenty of experience while working with highly professional and friendly people. So if you are looking for a job, why not apply here?

Check out the apps where you can upload your video and share with the world:

  1. YouTube:

YouTube was initially a forum for everyone to upload videos of their choice in HD. With the evolution of smartphones, the website turned into an app where individuals could enjoy hours of unlimited videos on their smartphones. You can Sign-in, create your channel, and even make money out of it by monetizing your channel. The more subscribers and likes you get for your videos, the merrier.

People usually find their favorite TV shows, films, and documentaries on YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube is the source of Vlogs. Vlogs are basically the video blogs from random people around the world having certain skills, and that could be helpful to others. Vlogs are gaining popularity with the time.

  1. Snapchat:

Snapchat is a live app that allows you to upload pictures and videos of yourself in the live moment. The media stories you post will remain available to your followers for 24 hours and disappears after that. If any of your followers want to take the screenshot your article i.e. pictures or video stills, they can, but, you will receive a notification of the screen shot is taken. You can enhance your videos with various filters; the map feature allows you to locate your friends and their whereabouts if their geotagging is turned on. Several people have started their Snapchat blog since it is an easy way to communicate.

  1. Lightt:

Lightt is another app that not only shoots videos with sharing option; it also works to save space. The shooting mode is in burst since you can take some pictures that are saved to create a video out of those pictures. Even though the clips are just 10 seconds long, these are an interesting way to shoot your time. Followers can chat, scroll, and enjoy your videos. However, this app does not support sounds. It is more like a flicker book in digital form.

Tips for Creating Your Own Cute Couple Video

Couple photoshoots are always great for creating memories but in the end a photo will never really capture the moment, personality specific look of the two of you the way a video will.  Video popularity is on the rise on social media sites and not just for moms that love to show off their children.  More and more couples are starting to share their love for one another with the world through cute couple videos because it helps reserve their affections for one another to help carry them through tough times in the future. Making a cute couple video together is great fun, it is so cute and the couple video is a fantastic memory of exactly who the two of you are together.  Here are some great tips for creating your own cute couple video.

Tips for Creating Your Own Cute Couple Video

Tips for Creating Your Own Cute Couple Video

Consider the Ex Solutions Program

The last thing you want from your cute couple video is for the two of you to look happy on video even though you are not that happy in real life.  The Ex Solutions Program is a terrific program for struggling couples that want to build a strong and lasting relationship and the program is an absolute must for couples that broke up and got back together again because it helps you identify problems in your relationship and strengthen your bonds so the two of you will stay a happy and very in love couple for a long time to come.

Yes, you can make a couple video with your smartphone

The fun thing about making a couple video is that it is for the two of you which means you probably don’t have to go and hire a professional videographer for the occasion.  Your smartphone is perfectly fine for taking a couple video.  Just keep video clips short and sweet so you can combine all of your short clips easily.

Write your story

Are you going for a romantic vibe?  Is your video to show off how silly the two of you are?  Perhaps a Disney romance theme could be great for your couple video?  Well, it is your video so you can choose and you can write your story any way you like.    Just be sure to get your story line penned down before you start filming so you don’t have to retake your videos.

Keep sensitives in mind

The chances are pretty good that you will want to share your video with someone or even everyone online which means you probably want to stick to content that isn’t too wild and to film in areas that has good lighting and at least a tidy background.

Get an app for your video editing

Now that you have several clips that you want to include in your video, it is time to put it all together.  You can check out these top video editing apps that you can download and use to edit your couples video;

These are just a few of the many video apps that will enable you to cut and put together your own little romantic story and add special effects like music, subtitles and more.

How to Create Professional Looking Videos with Your Camera

There are a lot of gadgets that you can use now that will allow you to take videos of practically anything. It sometimes depends on the gadgets that you will choose how great your videos will turn out to be but aside from the gadgets, you also have to consider the subject that you are going to take videos of as well as the story that you want to tell. The clearer your videos are, the more that people will enjoy watching what you can offer.

It is okay to use a gadget that may not be similar to what the professional use especially when you are just starting out. If in case you decide to get a career in creating professional looking videos that is the time when you can buy the right gadgets.

How to Create Professional Looking Videos with Your Camera

It is different when you are purchasing for a teenager. A teenager may still be trying to figure out what things he would like to do. If you would give him the best camera for teenager, he might realize that he has a knack for taking photos and videos. Choosing the best camera is always going to be complicated because there are so many things that you have to consider. Do you think the teenager needs a brand new camera? Check out the various brands available and their specs so that you can choose.

The moment that the right camera is chosen, then it can be used to take videos. A lot of YouTubers do not usually start with high-end camera and equipment. They just make use of what they have. Some even say that instead of using a tripod, they have used a stack of books because this can give the needed height in order to take videos inside the room. As long as you know how to improvise, you can create videos that look like they are professionally done.

Aside from the camera that will be used to take videos, there are other things that would be worthy to invest on:

  • Microphone – If you are going to do narrations and voice-overs, using a microphone can be effective for your needs. Having poor audio will make people look elsewhere because they can barely understand what you are saying.
  • Proper Lighting is Important – Even if you just have a desk lamp, you need to light yourself or your subject properly so that people will be more inclined to watch. If you are going to take a video inside your room, you need to get light from at least 3 lighting sources. It is going to be warm but it will be worth it once you see your video.
  • Video Editing Software – You can always purchase a free video editing software wherein you can edit the videos and cut out the parts that are not needed anymore but with a professional video editing software, you can do so much more

Take note of all these tips mentioned above and you can have amazing looking videos that people would be excited to watch.

Tips for Getting Credit for Your Video Production Business

Starting a new business is a challenging endeavor. Having to determine a means in which to fund it is equally overwhelming. This is why we thought you might be interested in tips for getting credit for your video business. This will enable you to make the purchases necessary to get the business up and running. Establishing a line of business credit doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds.  

You will first want to look into the best credit repair companies if you have ever had issues with your credit scores. There are tons of companies advertising their ability to help you with this issue but it’s hard to know which ones are legit. The site we linked to will help you better understand how to look for those scammers. That way you’ll be well on the path to getting the right kind of credit for your business. Especially, if you take the tips that follow seriously. 

The Steps to Business Credit 

Obviously, you know how to get personal credit. And, that paying your bills on time will help you maintain a healthy credit score. But you may not be aware of the steps to business credit. While this might seem like a mysterious world to new entrepreneurs, it doesn’t have to be. It’s really not that different than getting personal credit. So, here are the steps you need to know: 

  1. Get incorporated. You have to separate your business from your personal finances. And, in order to do that you must have a legitimate business entity established under all the legal regulations. Don’t opt for a sole proprietorship or partnership, ensure that you make it a limited liability company (LLC), or pay the extra to add the INC behind the company name. 
  1. Acquire an EIN (Employer Identification Number). This isn’t hard. You simply have to contact the IRS for this EIN. It’s like having a social security number for your business. You can learn more about how to get one here 
  1. Get your DUNS number too. Dun & Bradstreet is business credit’s main adjudicator. Having a DUNS number creates a business credit profile number. This will help lenders know where your business stands financially prior to extending your company a line of credit. 
  1. Open two accounts at the bank. You’ll need a standard checking account. One that is not linked to your personal account is essential. You’ll create the account under your business’ name and you will utilize both the EIN and the DUNS number. Then open a savings account, or you could get a CD that’s tied to the business checking account. Make sure you put some money in both. 
  1. Try to get vendor credit. Having all the numbers and accounts in place will do wonders for your business ventures especially as it applies to receiving credit. Start small, like with the phone company. Add utility bills in the business’ name. A local office supply store might be a good place to first seek a line of credit. Learn more 
  1. Apply for and receive a loan. Use your new bank accounts to obtain a small loan from the bank in the name of the business. You can use the money in the savings account to secure the bank loan, that will make them more likely to give you the loan.  
  1. Pay your bills on time. Ensure that you pay on time and in full. Sooner than you can imagine your business will have a positive credit rating and you will be able to gain additional credit opportunities. 

If you need further information click this to learn more.

How to Enjoy Movie Watching at Home

While there’s nothing very like viewing a movie at the theater, viewing a film at home is regularly more advantageous, more agreeable, and more affordable. You might need to cuddle up and watch a movie alone, or welcome your friend over for an overnight movie marathon. In any case, you’ll have to pick an incredible movie, make your space movie prepared, and set up some yummy snacks.

Choosing A Movie. Choose on the off chance that you need organization. Perhaps you need to make the most of your movie in isolation, or possibly you need to round up a few buddies or relatives to watch with you. It’s your call. Viewing a movie with others can be more enjoyable, however it likewise implies that you may need to trade off on a movie choice.

Pick a movie type. On the off chance that you are watching it alone, essentially pick the class that you’re in the mood to watch. In case you’re stressed out, a comedy movie could enable you to unwind. On the off chance that you need some fervor, go for a blood and gore movie.

How to Enjoy Movie Watching at Home

Then again, settling on a kind as a gathering can be precarious, especially for assorted gatherings. If all else fails, pick a prominent type, similar to enterprise or parody. You might need to maintain a strategic distance from all the more polarizing types like documentaries or musicals

Setting up Your Space. Pick a space for your “home theater.” This doesn’t need to be a room totally devoted to watching movies, yet it ought to be a space where you can watch a movie undisturbed for a couple of hours. Preferably, it ought to be a moderately calm space with shades or blinds that enable you to shut out light.

In the event that you have a basement, consider utilizing it as your “home theater.” Your room could likewise act as your “home theater.” Watching a film from your bed is a super comfortable alternative.

Set up a TV, projector, or PC. Obviously, your home theater will require a screen to show your movie. Level screen TVs work best for territories with encompassing light, similar to a family room. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a committed home theater system in a darker territory of the house, consider putting resources into a projector

Best home theater projector can make a movie theater-like atmosphere and feel. Pick a room with enough wall space for a 100 inch screen, and one that is sufficiently vast to set up the projector at the best possible distance from the wall.

Consider purchasing a sound system. On the off chance that you need to take your home venue to the following level, consider buying speakers. Speakers will upgrade the sound quality, making a more immersive affair. Counsel an expert to figure out which speakers would be best for your space and needs. Room estimate is a main consideration. Huge speakers don’t function admirably in small, shut in rooms, while small speakers may sound feeble in extensive, open rooms.

Tips for Recording Voice Overs for Your Videos

Voice overs are universal in recordings of various types. Basically, a voice over is simply somebody talking while a video is playing, however the individual is generally not specifically in the scene. From plugs to full length videos, a voice over is an incredible approach to convey information specifically to the group of people that it may not generally get conveyed to. On account of upgrades in amplifiers, PCs, and sound hardware, a great voice over is presently something anybody can achieve at home.

Tips for Recording Voice Overs for Your Videos

Setting up Your Video for Voice Over

Work out a script. On the off chance that you are doing narration on something, similar to a YouTube video, you ought to at any rate see the video a few times to discover what happens. For all other voice overs a script is basic. You have to know to what extent you need to talk, in the event that you are reacting to any characters or prompts in the video, and what will state. This script may change when coordinated with the last video, however you can never go wrong with a little pre-planning. You can learn a lot about the importance of scripts by observing freelance voiceover actors and how they perform while doing voiceovers. If you have a video that needs to be narrated or is in need of a voiceover, you can definitely check out these freelance voiceover actors and hire one for yourself as well. Not only are they immensely talented but also offer awesome and affordable rates.

Comprehend the part of your voice in the video. There are, as a rule, two sorts of voice acting, each utilized for two altogether different sorts of video. The style you took after will be subject to your script and the video you’re shooting: 

Conversational Voice-Overs are utilized as a part of movement, movies, and a few clips. The fact of the matter is to sound clear yet normal, as though you are exchanging words with the video/audience.

Hard Sell/Announcer Voice-Overs are utilized as a part of clips and occasions, and talk over individuals rather than to them. You are getting consideration and sustaining key data, and your voice is fresh and authoritative.

Get a decent microphone and PC for recording. Numerous portable PCs have built-in microphones that will record direct quality sound, yet putting resources into a microphone is dependably the best idea. You can purchase USB mics that guide specifically into your PC, or get a more costly amplifier and mic for even better voice over sound.

You will require a PC program equipped for recording also. For beginners, download Audacity, which is free. In the event that you anticipate recording regularly, you ought to get a program like Logic or Pro Tools for finish customization of your voice.

You can likewise get stash recorders, as Tascams, for compact and productive sound recording.

A windscreen, which keeps the air from your breath from achieving the microphone, is a brilliant yet basic device that you can get economically online.

Practice your part until the point that you know it under control. You have to treat voice-over simply like an acting gig. Each line you say is, fundamentally, such as conveying a line for a film, aside from you don’t have your body and outward appearances to help deliver the line. The most ideal approach to rehearse is to record your voice and play it back, rolling out notes about how to improve things. Most importantly, you have to get to a point where you are:

  • Clear and succinct. Each word should be effortlessly heard and understood.
  • You have to get the feeling or thought of the line out just using the tone of your voice.

Steady. This is particularly imperative on the off chance that you are playing a character.