Awesome Guidelines to Shoot Videos Like A Pro

Videography is not about getting your camcorders out of the box and start recording. It requires a bit of knowledge. You need to have some skills to bring your camcorder to the best use. And, if you want to be this business, you cannot stand without bringing something innovative to the table.

Therefore, before you hit the start button, plan everything beforehand. Bring up some new ideas. Let music assist you as music can help you concentrate, and you can come up with thing incredible. Keep a vintage music player in your video studio if you want music to soothe your mind. Vintage record player now comes with various styles and features. Presently, they might not be the same as they were back in the 40s and 50s. They now come with some latest features. But, if you are obsessed with that stuff from old times, you can still have them.

Look into the details of the vintage player before you buy. A handful of it types can get you all puzzled. Some vintage record player is portable, and other features AM/FM. Those which have Bluetooth technology allow you to connect to your wireless earbuds as well as Bluetooth enabled iPods, cell phones, and MP3 players. Now see what features are most important to you. You would have to dig up all the details as you have never owned a vintage record player before. Along with the whole set, you should also have knowledge about where you can get its part since they tend to wear out over time. To get your hands on the best piece, check out these vintage record players.

vintage record players

Look at the following points to know how to record like a pro:

Read the manual:

A good videographer knows every tiny detail of his camcorder. The moment you take your first step toward some expert videography, you should know how to adjust a shutter speed, turn on/off autofocus, and everything else that is needed to capture the moment perfectly. In a nutshell, know your camcorder inside and out. Read every word of the manual twice. In fact, keep a copy handy. You might find a need to look at it again. A bit of study and preparation can bring tremendous results.

Be prepared:

When you are going for a shoot with your camcorder, you will have to pack lots of stuff such as:

  • A fully charged spare
  • Two extra blank tapes.
  • A lens-cleaning cloth because lens gets smudged sometimes even when you are careful.
  • A tripod. Keep it in the bag even if you don’t think you are going to need it.
  • A power bank and charger.
  • An extension cord.
  • Microphones, lens filters, lighting gear, and any other accessories you think that might help.

Raise the lights:

Count the lighting three times when thinking of important things in videography. Outdoor shooting is the best as there is enough ambient light to get the best results. When outdoor shooting is out of the options, enlighten the room as much as you can. That too, in a balanced way.

Ace the audio:

Usually, camcorders do not offer a really good quality microphones, but they have a jack for plugging in external microphones. There is a variety of them to choose from. Get ones that provide the best quality audio. The camera has headphone jacks too. Monitor your audio level when you record.

Find Clients for Your Photography/Videography Business

Getting your work known by a maximum number of people is way easier than old days. These days, responses to ads are abrupt unlike before when people used to put ads in the Yellow Pages or classified and waited for the call to come. All thanks to the internet and social media.

This is easy and thought-provoking at the same time. It is not going to be just you reaching to this way to make clients. You would have to break through the entire hotchpotch on the internet to secure your position.

Find Clients for Your Photography/Videography Business

Find Clients for Your Photography/Videography Business

Rummage into the points discussed below:

Internet Advertising:

The first and foremost thing to reach people is providing a web. The very first thing folks do to look for services is searching the web for what they need. You are supposed to be in the results on a search engine when someone types for photography and videography services.

It is great if you have developed a website, but there is no way people are attracted to it unless it is beautifully laid out. The information, pictures, or videos you display on your website should be alluring.

As a photographer, you would need to design an album where all your work is organized in a way that leaves the visitors in awe. An album design software can assist you in your work. There is a pile of software you would find on the internet, but not all of them succeed to provide what you want. There is a software named ‘Moment Album designer’ that makes it possible for you to create a professional layout in minutes, even if you do not possess any photo editing knowledge. It is a drag and drop process. You just have to define the album’s dimension and consider your work done. Isn’t that amazing?

You get the option of trying the latest version of the software for free. One thing you would barely find anywhere else is their money back guarantee. Purchase the software, use it, claim the refund if you are not satisfied. Ask for the refund within 30 days of purchase by sending them an email of the request.

This tool provides you professional layouts for all kind of albums on your websites. You can even get them printed for the clients who visit your studio. There is a handful of incredible templates with lots of other amazing options that would make your layout on website stand in competition.

Do not scare off clients with a price:

Do not list your prices when displaying the information on your website. Give your potential clients a chance to talk rather than putting a fixed price that might turn them off. In the business world, you have to make some deals to make the potential customers your permanent customers by giving concessions. Leave a room for discussions and give people chance to visit you in person.

Word of mouth advertising:

This way of advertising still works like magic. Develop contacts with the companies that are expected to have the same clients as you do. Leave the flyers or business cards that they can pass to the customers. Let’s say you have wedding video business; you can establish contacts with bridal shops or wedding planners.

In addition to the businesses, happy clients would tell all the positive things about your service. Do every possible thing to make your customers happy. Some tested gimmicks would work for them such as discount offers for the next time they avail our services.

Reasons to Place a Video on Your Website

There are a lot of websites you have visited that show videos of their items or the services that they offer. Do you feel more inclined or curious about the product and what they offer after watching their video? If you answer yes, then you know that this is something that you should do on your website too. You should place a video that will tell people a lot of details about your company.

Whenever people get to know more details about the company, they feel more inclined to trust the company. The more that people trust you, the better your chances of selling your products and services to your target market. 

Reasons to Place a Video on Your Website

Having Your Own Website

People normally think that having a website is easy. They just have to make a website based on what they think would work for their target market and they will just wait for traffic to start pouring in. If the process is that easy, people would all quit their jobs and just create their own business. Unfortunately, creating your own website will require a lot of effort and knowledge. You can get professionals who know how to do search engine optimization to make your website discoverable.

Benefits of Placing a Video on your Website 

Are you still contemplating on whether you should place a video on your website or not? These are just some of the benefits you can expect to get:

  1. It will only take minutes for your guests and your target market to understand what your website is all about. The more that people understand what you want to achieve through the website, the more curious they will be to gain more information about what you can offer.
  2. You can easily demonstrate the services or the products that you are offering. Let us say that you offer skin treatments that are meant to improve the condition of the skin. You can have a demonstration of what you can do and what the effects will be. It can entice people more because they know what to expect.
  3. When you use the right videos and use the right SEO in order to make people watch the videos, you will allow them to visit your website. Even if some of them would leave without looking at the rest of your products, a larger percentage will stay and take a look at the various things you can offer.
  4. You can actually earn more money by having a video placed on your website. Do you find this surprising? If you create videos that will prompt people to purchase your product for a certain fee, you will certainly be making more money. You can also allow advertising on your landing pages. You earn money whenever people click on the ad or when they make a purchase from the brand that you advertised.
  5. You can use videos to promote an upcoming event that you want to offer to your customers. Is your company going to have a sale soon? You can create a video that will inform people of this. You may get more traffic in the process.

Remember to have the right video on your website. It has to coincide with what your website stands for.

Tips on Making Great Product Videos

Are there some items that you wish to sell? If you do then you cannot just promote them the old-fashioned way. One of the ways that you can reach more people is by creating videos of the items that you wish to sell. You will be surprised with the number of people who actually purchase items based on the videos that they see.

Let us say that what you are selling is furniture. You may be selling furniture that your company has made. It is okay to have a website wherein you can showcase the beauty of your furniture but it would be a completely different experience for people who would like to see various angles of what you have created. Remember that there is a lot of competition so knowing how to take amazing videos of your products would make a lot of difference with how much your videos are going to help you promote.

Tips on Making Great Product Videos

Tips on Making Great Product Videos

These are some of the tips that you can do to make amazing product videos that people would like to view:

  1. You need to have a script in order to showcase your item or at least, you need to have a plan from where you are going to start filming the furniture. Do you want to show the way that it fits with various types of flooring? Would you like to show how it can look majestic when placed inside a home? You need to have a plan about how you are going to promote the product before you start shooting.
  2. Allow people to help you in creating the videos. If you know that you are not talented about creating videos at all then there is no reason why you should not allow other people who are more talented than you in creating videos to help you. They will be in charge of making your video more creative. If you need to hire people to do it, you may push through with it. You will be helping them because you are paying them to do work while they help you as they can give you a video that you will not be able to do with your current skill level.
  3. Do not make your videos too long. If you would like to describe the furniture as you let people see it in different angles, you still need to keep your video less than 2 minutes. If you make your video longer than that, they are not going to finish watching and this can be a big waste of time and effort on your part.
  4. If you can place the videos on your website beside each furniture that you are trying to sell, this will be ideal. People are more likely to become interested in what you have to offer this way.

Remember that there are a lot of online retailers that make use of videos to promote their products. There is no reason for you not to try out this marketing idea. Whether you are going to do it on your own or with the help of other people would be up to you. Have fun doing it, your pride in the items that you are selling will shine through.

Tips for Getting the Right Vehicle to Suit Your Video Production Needs

If you are in the filming business then you probably know that one of the biggest challenges involved in creating superb music videos, YouTube videos, commercial ads, films or movies is finding the best location.  The right location combined with the right cast has the biggest impact on the final product.  Finding the perfect shooting location can be tough because there is so much to consider like your rental fee, the weather, timing, bookings and general public all of which could affect the quality of your shoot.  But one of the biggest hassles in video production is the ability to become completely mobile and flexible.  You really do need to be flexible and mobile to get your crew at the right spot at the right time and to transport your crew and gear easily and swiftly so you will have the best looking videos and shoots.

Tips for Getting the Right Vehicle to Suit Your Video Production Needs

Consider leasing

The good news is that video producers don’t have to earn a fortune to own the right type of vehicle for your video shooting needs.  This is especially good news to new producers on a tight budget.  A vehicle lease is a superb option for those that are always in need of a modern vehicle and to those that cannot afford an expensive down payment because you are only paying for the deprecation value of your vehicle over a certain period of time. With a lease video producers can afford luxury vehicles like a Mercedes that will never let them down and that will enhance flexibility the most.

Top aspects to consider when choosing the right vehicle

Many believe that a Mercedes Lease is by far the best choice for video producers.  Mercedes is an elegant brand that doesn’t lose a lot of value over time which results in a much lower lease fee.  These classy cars are also pure luxury which contributes to a much better image for video producers.

Space – The first thing video producers should consider when choosing the right Mercedes is space.  Consider exactly what you are hauling around.  Filming gear and hauling around your crew and cast takes up a lot of space.  An SUV could be the right solution because there is plenty of space and producers can easily tag along a trailer with the rest of the filming gear. 

Terrain – The best shooting locations is often found in the most odd and inaccessible places. Get a vehicle that can handle a lot of rough terrains and that has a high suspension so you can travel exactly where you need to go without any hassles. 

Image – Of course you do need a vehicle that suits a celebrity image especially if you are catering your video producing skills to celebrity figures. 

Luxuries – Traveling to far off distances can be daunting but the right luxuries like a good radio set with surround sound, a good air-conditioning system, modern tech and added features can make long trips much more pleasurable for the video producer and accommodating cast members.

How Can You Build Your Exercise Video Library?

As a trainer, it gets difficult to manage your in-person and online clients together. To get through this with no trouble, all you need to do is work on your system such as managing your client’s programming. Doing that would allow you to manage time efficiently and help a number of people. The best way to do this is recording your own videos. You can grow your business online this way. Likewise, it would make you better than your competitor if you are providing videos to your clients for their practice outside the session. Here is a guide that can assist you to build your own exercise library:

How Can You Build Your Exercise Video Library?

How Can You Build Your Exercise Video Library?

Secure your equipment and exercise list:

Start with collecting things that you will need to record i.e. a camcorder, a computer or laptop, and an internet connection. The next thing is to have a system where you can record things you want to do. You cannot have all the exercises in your head all the time. You might forget some when it is time to make the video. Create a list in Microsoft Excel where you keep the record of your schedule. Break the list into categories like corrective, core, knee dominant, upper body push, and many other parts. This would help you come up with the best.

Start recording:

Make time out of your schedule and start recording according to the sequence in your list.

Do not stay restricted to the exercises. Keep on giving tips on the diet plans. People need to have a clear idea about their nutrition needs. Those who are working on their muscle enhancement have to be aware of their protein need. Enough amount of protein intake is crucial for working on the body. Individual’s diet doesn’t always provide the required amount of protein, and you might need to tell your clients about protein supplements.

Protein supplements come in either liquid form or n powder. Bone broth protein powder is one of the categories that has all the goodness that bodybuilding enthusiasts may need. It is produced by boiling animal bones. In this process, vital nutrients and proteins are extracted from the bones. The nutrient this powder provides, are collagen, proline, amino acids, chondroitin, and more. Furthermore, it is easily digestible and does not have dairy, grains, as well as soy.

The best thing about broth protein powder is that impacts all your body including the immune system, digestive system, joints, even your skin. Everyone can get the benefits out of it. It can be used by mixing in a smoothie.

You can guide about all this through your video, and your clients will surely appreciate that.

Edit your clips:

Before getting the clips to the internet, you need to do a little editing to make them of the best quality. There is a handful of software available on the internet that edits the videos. They would allow you to trim unnecessary things from the video and add effects to make it clearer. Editing tutorials can also be found if you are not getting the editing software. They tell you in the tutorial how you can do things perfectly in software.

Get the videos on the internet:

Create a YouTube channel that makes it easy for clients to find your videos. Do not write long descriptions with your clips while uploading them. Keep them short and succinct. It would be great if you have an introductory video where you tell about your channel and your work. To expand the number of viewers, team up with sponsors. It would be of great assistance for your online business.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning to Be A Professional Videographer

Making videos is an art. Not only you have to have a creative eye to make videos that matter, but also there is a certain skill set that you should possess in order to get recognized in the industry.

Doing something as a hobby and adapting something as a profession are two completely different things. If you make videos as a hobby, you can let go a lot of some things, but at the same time if you want to pursue videography as a profession there are countless things you have to keep in mind.

The most important things for becoming a videographer are:

Formal Education:

First and foremost thing while starting any profession is your formal education. There are many options for you, you can go to a film school, take a diploma course or take online courses, it can be an education in any form but taking formal education is very significant as it aids you understand how things work. Without gaining knowledge and the required skills, you cannot last in the industry where competition is growing day by day.


One way of getting yourself recognized in the industry and to gain experience is to do internships. These internships will not only help you achieve experience but assist you learn about the equipment that is trending in the industries, the video trends as well as it gives you the insight to all your competitors.

One thing that can make or break a videographer is the way he or she makes a person feel in front of the camera. To learn the art of making a person comfortable in front of the camera, you must get experience and learn from the professionals out there. That can only be done with the help of internships.

Understand your competition:

Every industry has a lot of competition but when speaking of videography and filmmaking, we see that there numerous companies that are extremely good at what they are doing and if you want to get recognized you have to be on par with them. So before starting your professional career, you should be aware of all the competitors in the market as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You should keep their work and services in mind before starting your career.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Planning to Be A Professional Videographer

PEO Services:

If you aim at becoming an entrepreneur PEO services should be on the top of your list. These services help you reduce the cost of payroll, human resources, and workers compensation. In the start you might not feel the need to get PEO services but as your work grows you will need these services.

Rather than making your company’s revenues and workforce growth and then acquiring PEO services it is better you get these services in the start. Studies have shown that about 35% of HR costs are saved with the help of PEO services and the probability of your company going out of business is 0.5 less than what it is without the PEO services.

The PEO Florida services can very efficiently help your company in this matter, whether it is on a small scale or a large scale. Some of the expectations you can have while working with a PEO company like PEO Florida are:

  1. Fewer Surprises during startup: As PEO companies have an experience in dealing problems and they also abide by the laws already created related to employment, HR, payroll, etc. the surprises during the startups are minimized.
  2. Employee’s benefits: In the past, the health care laws for employees have been reformed. Keeping in mind these reforms it is better for a small company to become a part of PEO as they can provide your employees with benefits that will not be available to you as a small business.

Cost reduction: As a startup, your major problem will be your revenues and the costs of worker compensation, payroll as well as HR. PEO can help a great deal in reducing these costs.

Look Your Best on Set with These 8 Skincare Tips

Celebrities’ today look a lot younger compared to their predecessors from a couple of decades ago.  Actors and actresses like Catherina Zita Jones, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston look decades younger than they actually are.  If you quickly zone back to TV shows from the 90’s you can catch glimpses of teens that actually look older than their age.

A lot of the difference results from makeup and technology of course but if you take a look at some of the casual shots of these actors and actresses there often isn’t much difference between their groomed and makeup look and their casual look.

Caring for your skin has a huge impact on your look and definitely affects your appearance on set.  Skin care is one of the most important beauty factors to consider if you want to look your best because no pretty hairstyle can ever cover up neglected skin.

Look Your Best on Set with These 8 Skincare Tips

8 Great Skincare Tips to Try Right Now

If you frequently make your way to the TV set then great skincare should be a daily habit.  Here are a few wonderful tips to get beautiful and glowing skin so you can look your best on set;

Enjoy regular face masks – Face masks are superb for skincare.  These masks are designed to deep cleanse your skin, reduce acne and blemishes, rehydrate your skin and fuel your skin with needed vitamins and minerals so your skin can stay healthier and softer for longer.  You should indulge in a natural face mask at least once a week to maintain great looking skin.

Drink 2l of water a day – Water is incredibly important for glowing skin.  Hydrated skin can get rid of toxins much easier which reduces blemishes.  Hydrated skin is also much suppler which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and keeps your skin younger for longer.

Wear a hat in the sun – The sun can be great for a tan but is overall bad news for your face.  Sun damage is no joke especially if you consider that you may develop melisma or dark patches in your face.

Get a good night cream – Night creams can help restore damage your skin endured during the day.  These creams are also terrific for hydrating your skin.

Exfoliate regularly – A good scrub is always great for removing some dead skin from your face and body.  Scrubbing also promotes blood circulation to the skin which in return promotes healing and gives your skin much more radiance.

Use oil control – Oily skin can look terrible on set.  While powders are great for reducing the shine daily oil control is a much better option because you enjoy much longer lasting results by using the right oil control lotions.

Eat healthy – Fresh fruits and vegetables are superb for improved skin health.  Instead of hitting the snack bar you should be hitting the salad bar so your skin can stay younger for longer.

No touching! – Touching your face can be a nasty or nervous habit and it is absolutely terrible for your skin.  You are constantly spreading germs all over your face and the result is blocked pores and nasty blemishes.  Scratching your skin and especially pimples can also result in terrible permanent scarring.

Tips for Moving Between Video Productions Sets

A single studio setup is hardly ever enough to create a glorious video, music video or even a short video.  Most video producers have to move from location to location a lot to get the best video takes in the best locations and scenes.  A good example of this is Game of Thrones.

The all popular Game of Thrones series was not just filmed in different locations but even in different counties.  Season 3 alone was filmed in four countries which includes Northern Ireland, Croatian, Iceland and Morocco.

film productions

Filming in each different location comes with its own set of challenges.  For example, Iceland was a tremendous challenge for both the production teams and actors because it was such a huge task to keep all of the electronic gear dry and actors weren’t allowed to wear hats during filming because it is so hard to distinguish between different characters when they wear hats in especially snowy and misty locations.

The reason they traveled so far and endured so much for filming?  Well it was simply to get the right vibe and background for each different story setup so the show would seem realistic.

The biggest challenge of moving between sets

One of the biggest challenges that producers endure while they are shifting between filming locations is moving all that gear.  There is a lot of gear that needs to be transported and this is a huge risk especially since filming gear and especially camera equipment is hardly cheap.  The biggest challenge of all is moving camera and filming bear internationally.

Why using a moving company is a must

Moving companies in Vancouver is an absolute must when you are moving delicate equipment like camera gear for all of the following reasons;

  • Firstly the moving company’s insurance policy will cover any damages that you might obtain while goods are being shipped or transported.
  • Moving companies can get your stuff transported a lot more affordably especially if you are planning on international travels and have a lot of gear that needs to be taken along.
  • It is a much safer solution. These moving companies have the right setup that will ensure all of your goods are shipped as safe as possible.
  • The chances of losing valuable and expensive gear and especially film backups are very low when you use a professional moving company.
  • It is the ultimate stress free, hassle free solution for getting your stuff moved between different locations.

Top filming locations in the Vancouver

If you are planning a filming shoot in Vancouver then there are quite a few options to choose from.  This is a popular area for filming and up next we have a list of the top filming locations to consider if you are planning on a new big shoot;

  • Buntzen Lake
  • Bowen Island
  • Britannia Beach
  • Brunswick Beach
  • City of Burnaby
  • Burnaby Mountain
  • Burnaby Village Museum
  • Central Park
  • Deer Lake Park
  • Kent Hangar
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Loungheed Town Center
  • Metrotown
  • Riverview Hospital

How Do Video Tutorials Help People?

There was a time when you had to read everything about the manual in order to be sure that you are using some things correctly. There are moments when you still need to do this because reading will help you understand what you need to do. If in case you do not have time to do this anymore, now is the time for you to check out video tutorials.

You have to admit that video tutorials have gone a long way since they were first introduced to the public. There was a time when it was only one of those things that people watch at random but right now, people specifically search for the process that will be done for the action that they plan to do.

guide to home laser removal

For example, there are some people who would like a guide to home laser removal. They know that if they will not follow the instructions well, there is a chance that they will be scarred for life. Some people have to suffer the consequences of their actions because of this. This is not something that you want to happen to you. To make sure that you are doing everything correctly, you need to look at the ways on how to do laser removal at home.

Here are still the other ways on how video tutorials can help people:

  • It will be easy to view videos anywhere. As long as you have a gadget that is connected to the internet, you can stream the videos wherever you are. For instance, if you are trying to learn how to correctly cut grass with a certain type of tool, you know that you can watch the video while you are in front of the tool you are going to use.
  • If in case you are trying to learn something that you need in school or in the office, this can be essential too. You do not have to do a lot of researching anymore just to understand the topic. The video tutorial will be enough for you to understand the lesson.
  • Video tutorials can also be used by teachers and professors if they want their students to learn things better. For example, a teacher who would like the kids to learn how to crochet may put up a video of the different stitches that the kids can do at home. Kids can then follow step by step instead of trying to remember how the stitches are done. Of course, people used to do crocheting through memory recall so kids who have access to videos now are lucky.
  • It will help people interact with each other. There are times when the videos are meant to help you do some “hands-on” work. Some videos come with interactive features that will truly be essential for learning.

With all of the things that you have learned about video tutorials can help people, are you also interested to share your knowledge about something that you are knowledgeable about?