How To Make Cooking Videos

Recording videos are not as easy as it looks. It requires effort and patience as the videographer has to take multiple retakes. Especially, while recording a cooking video, you have to take care of every tiny detail because doing a retake means using more ingredients and starting the whole process again.

Cooking videos have been gaining immense popularity on the web including social media. Some of the viewers have even called them addictive to watch. There are videos on the internet that are even tiresome to watch due to the bad lighting and techniques used. The notion that you have to get expensive equipment for making good quality videos is incorrect; all you need is a reasonable quality camera and the expertise of editing to make your video look presentable and high quality.

How To Make Cooking Videos

How To Make Cooking Videos

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The type of lighting you use for your videos is the crucial thing. Along with being most important, it is also the most crucial part of making a video. You don’t always have to go for expensive cinematic stuff while making a video. Furthermore, you can make good lighting videos by using inexpensive hacks.

Some of these hacks are:

  • Make sure you match the color of your light source with indoor or outdoor light. Mixing these would be a disaster.
  • Used soft lighting LED or CFL bulbs.


Always ensure to keep the timing of video no longer than 2-3 minutes. You can always give the detailed recipe in the video’s description. Take a look at all the leading cooking video channels; the most viewed videos are never longer than 2-3 minutes.

Objects used:

The objects used in the video always look decent if they are bright colored. Dull, gloomy cutlery and ingredients do not look great and translate ideally on the camera. Therefore, to make your videos addictive and worth watching, make sure your ingredients are fresh and good-looking, and your cutlery is bright and vibrant.


Music always lightens the mood and makes the video lively. If you are using voice over in your video, you can use music at the start and the end but if you are making a time-lapse video then choosing the best possible music is crucial.

Voice over:

The voice used in the video plays a vital role in the impact the video makes and the number of people it reaches. Sometimes you accent or way of talking is not understandable for individuals, especially if you have followers from all around the world. In such cases, you should go for voice over services. Several online companies provide voice over services, and they offer different voice over rates for voice actors.

You can choose a male or a female actor for your video. They specialize in voice-overs, and they have a clear speech and moderate pace so that anyone listening can understand. These voice-overs can be used for countless purposes like apps, independent films, audiobooks, radio and TV commercials, internet commercials, et cetera.

You can even hire children below age 16 for your voiceover, their voice over rates are a little higher than adult actors. The add-ons or extra money features that you can buy along with the services of actors are the character reads which require the actors to change their voice a little, the voice over that synchronizes to video and medical or technical recordings that include pronunciation of difficult words.

The voice-over artists calculate their price based on word count and not on the time of the recording. The rates offered are non-union rates. If you want music to be added along with the voice recording, you can always ask the company for that. In addition, they can clean up the voice recording once you approve the speech quality and accent.