Step up your Video Marketing Game in 2018

Everything is about making videos, since they easily bring out the message that one would like to portray, making it easier for people to understand the point that one is trying to put out. Everyone is making videos from kids in elementary schools right up to big corporations. Videos have become one of the most effective marketing methods on this planet, and especially due to the fact that almost everyone has access to the internet. This means that the videos can reach a wide audience across the globe and not just limited to certain geographical locations, age groups, or sexes. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that one can step up their video marketing game in 2018.

Step up your Video Marketing Game in 2018

Step up your Video Marketing Game in 2018

Key to Video Marketing: Get started!

Most people will probably think that it costs an arm and a leg to produce good quality videos but that is a thing of the past, because all that you need today is a smartphone with a good camera, good lighting, and a good external mike to get started. When it comes to marketing, speed is king and the sooner that you pitch the videos, the better. One can start out small and take it from there, instead of waiting for the day you’ll have a fortune to produce the video.

Work smart: Use DIY tools

Nowadays there are digital tools that make everything easier. There are apps that you can use to edit the videos, create animations and do a host of other things that would have otherwise seemed very complicated. You don’t even need an assistant with technical knowhow to do this for you since even children can use some of these apps efficiently.

Relevance is King: Start Optimizing!

You need to figure out the platforms that the videos are targeting before making your video, so that you know the story technique to use. YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo are some of the platforms that you can use, tailoring each video for each platform. You’ll, for example, find that most people don’t use Facebook videos to learn new things or watch reviews since it is a platform where people want to connect with their friends or simply distract themselves from work. What they are doing. The same goes for Instagram.

Follow the trend: Leverage live streaming

Live streaming is trending at the moment, whether on Facebook or YouTube and you’ll notice that such videos attract a greater viewership.

Plan ahead: Reserve one day of the week for Video Creation

You need to have consistency and this probably requires setting a day to record all the videos that you’ll need as compared to doing small 2-3 minute videos every week or every other day. It will save you lots of time that would be spent setting up, and since you’ll be more focused, things will run smoother.


Another thing that you’ll need for your company is branding, and that is where companies like Brandstein come in. based in Oulu, this is an advertising agency that focuses on giving their clients robust brand-building tools based on knowledge and experience. They aim to create competitive, interesting, distinctive, and memorable brands. They advise their clients accordingly as well as support the brand goals.


Marketing and branding are a big part of any businesses success and it is important to use the most effective tools. Videos are one great way of shooting your business into the limelight. You will need a professional branding company such as advertising agency Brandstein to take care of your branding if you would like the best results.