Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro

Marketing has taken a whole new dimension since the entry of the internet. Almost everyone has access to the internet nowadays, and that has shaped the way that many things are done, including marketing. With internet marketing, marketing campaigns can target demographics, sexes, age, and a host of other things, more accurately based on the internet usage of users. One of the most effective ways to market online is through videos. That is the reason why we are now going to look at some of the ways to shoot videos like a pro.

Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro

Ways to Shoot Video Like a Pro


You need to know the camera that you’re going to use very well in order to get the best out of it, and that means reading the manual and understanding it.

Be prepared

You need to always be ready with everything that you’ll need for the video shoot. Some of the things that you’ll need to ensure you have include:

  • Batteries
  • Blank tapes, where necessary
  • Lens clearing cloth
  • Tripod
  • Battery charger/ power supply
  • Power supply extension chord
  • Duct tape for taping down the extension cord to avoid tripping
  • Lighting gear
  • Lens filters
  • Microphones

Use a tripod

In order to avoid shaky videos, using a tripod is necessary. It gives steady footage and your hands will be free to do other things such as zooming or even getting into the image. If you don’t have a tripod, you can lean against something steady like a wall, prop your elbows, bending knees, or even sitting flat on the ground.

Raise the lights

A good video shoot lies in the lighting and most cameras don’t have good lighting solutions. This means bringing supplementary lighting or shooting outdoors where there is natural light. Avoid shooting the videos under direct sunlight when it is overhead since it can cast shadows.

Ace the audio

Aside from lighting, audio is also very important and one should make sure that it is on top of the game. Go for a camera that also comes with a jack so that you can add an eternal microphone so that you can get the microphone as close to the subject as possible without ruining the shot.

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With the tips above, you can shoot good videos everywhere you go. Videos do very well in all parts of the world and if you ever need to move, professional movers such as Augusta Movers can get your equipment wherever you’re moving to in one piece and with peace of mind.