How Can You Build Your Exercise Video Library?

As a trainer, it gets difficult to manage your in-person and online clients together. To get through this with no trouble, all you need to do is work on your system such as managing your client’s programming. Doing that would allow you to manage time efficiently and help a number of people. The best way to do this is recording your own videos. You can grow your business online this way. Likewise, it would make you better than your competitor if you are providing videos to your clients for their practice outside the session. Here is a guide that can assist you to build your own exercise library:

How Can You Build Your Exercise Video Library?

How Can You Build Your Exercise Video Library?

Secure your equipment and exercise list:

Start with collecting things that you will need to record i.e. a camcorder, a computer or laptop, and an internet connection. The next thing is to have a system where you can record things you want to do. You cannot have all the exercises in your head all the time. You might forget some when it is time to make the video. Create a list in Microsoft Excel where you keep the record of your schedule. Break the list into categories like corrective, core, knee dominant, upper body push, and many other parts. This would help you come up with the best.

Start recording:

Make time out of your schedule and start recording according to the sequence in your list.

Do not stay restricted to the exercises. Keep on giving tips on the diet plans. People need to have a clear idea about their nutrition needs. Those who are working on their muscle enhancement have to be aware of their protein need. Enough amount of protein intake is crucial for working on the body. Individual’s diet doesn’t always provide the required amount of protein, and you might need to tell your clients about protein supplements.

Protein supplements come in either liquid form or n powder. Bone broth protein powder is one of the categories that has all the goodness that bodybuilding enthusiasts may need. It is produced by boiling animal bones. In this process, vital nutrients and proteins are extracted from the bones. The nutrient this powder provides, are collagen, proline, amino acids, chondroitin, and more. Furthermore, it is easily digestible and does not have dairy, grains, as well as soy.

The best thing about broth protein powder is that impacts all your body including the immune system, digestive system, joints, even your skin. Everyone can get the benefits out of it. It can be used by mixing in a smoothie.

You can guide about all this through your video, and your clients will surely appreciate that.

Edit your clips:

Before getting the clips to the internet, you need to do a little editing to make them of the best quality. There is a handful of software available on the internet that edits the videos. They would allow you to trim unnecessary things from the video and add effects to make it clearer. Editing tutorials can also be found if you are not getting the editing software. They tell you in the tutorial how you can do things perfectly in software.

Get the videos on the internet:

Create a YouTube channel that makes it easy for clients to find your videos. Do not write long descriptions with your clips while uploading them. Keep them short and succinct. It would be great if you have an introductory video where you tell about your channel and your work. To expand the number of viewers, team up with sponsors. It would be of great assistance for your online business.