Words of Advice from The Finest Cinematographers

Every movie lover has fallen in love with a film, at least once in their lives. Though some films might not have a good story line, still their graphics and visuals lure us like a magic potion. Such is the case with movies like The Revenant or The Grand Budapest Hotel. The cinematography is the art or camera work and photography in film-making. No matter how intriguing a film is, if it lacks good cinematography, chances are the audience might not watch it again.

This article is for all those movie/video makers who are searching the secret ingredient of sublime camera work. However, to be honest, no one thing makes a video’s visuals desirable. Several factors are at work while making a video. Therefore, we have brought you some useful insider tips from the best professional cinematographers of the industry.

Words of Advice from The Finest Cinematographers

Digital Cameras Might Be Better Than Films

Emmanuel Lubezki is the genius behind the stunning visuals of films like Gravity, Children of Men, Tree of life, Birdman, and Revenant. He is the only cinematographer to win the Academy Award, three times in a row. The last film that Lubezki shot was The Revenant, and while you must be aware of its fame, what you do not know is that Lubezki filmed Revenant in natural light.

You must be thinking how a movie can be so good when it is shot in a snowy area without any artificial light. Well, according to Emmanuel Lubezki, he shot the film with a digital camera. While many cinematographers prefer film, Lubezki preferred to shoot digitally.

Don’t Overanalyse While Filming

This advice comes from the legendary American cinematographer Robert Yeoman. Yeoman under the direction of Wes Anderson has filmed some of the most magnificent films in cinematic history such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tenenbaums, and the Moonrise Kingdom.

When it comes to camera work, Yeoman believes that if you overthink before shooting, you will lose the moment. It is the perfect piece of advice for those movie makers who take multiple retakes. No one is telling you that a single take will suffice, but if you keep shooting every scene again and again, then it will lose its essence. Hence, leave over thinking and over analyzing at the door while filming a video.

The Backlight Is Not Always Necessary

Although numerous film makers prefer backlight to illuminate and differentiate the actors from the background such is not the case with Claudio Miranda. Miranda is the revolutionary cinematographer behind movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Life of Pi. Miranda’s specialty is he rarely uses backlight for his characters which gives his scenes a naturalistic look.


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