3 Canadian scholarships for students wanting to be video producers

Most would-be video producers decide on their career path very early on. Being a video producer takes a particular set of talents, and not everyone has the drive and passion to succeed in this highly competitive field. While producing videos for a living can be lucrative, getting an education to better yourself on your journey towards your dream job can be difficult, if for financial demands alone. We have listed some of the best Canadian scholarships for aspiring video producers.

The top 3 Canadian video production scholarships

Access Communications/Fred Wagman Scholarship in Film & Video: Available to those studying in the Saskatchewan region and provided by the University of Regina, the Freg Wagman scholarship is a nice bursary for those who find paying their tuition fees difficult. Valued at $1,500, this scholarship is given to undergraduates in their third year who have displayed considerable academic achievements. These include top grades with a minimum CGPA of 75% and a GPA of 80% in the student’s major, as well as a minimum of 12 credit hours registered in a semester.read more information about video production at this website.

Gordon Parsons Scholarship: A scholarship offered to future film and video makers, the Gordon Parsons Scholarship is worth $1,000 and is given to students of NSCAD University, which stands for Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture. This scholarship doesn’t require as much academic success as some others, so it can be a great help to those students who don’t have the best grades but nevertheless have a passion for video production. It is available to both part and full-time students.

New Brunswick Arts Board Scholarship Program: A flexible scholarship that covers many different Canadian provinces, from Alberta and Ontario to Saskatchewan, this bursary is provided to arts students regardless of their specific university. Ranging from $1,000 to 2,500, the New Brunswick Arts Scholarship is available to citizen and immigrant students with majors in music, theatre, film and video and several other arts.

Knowing your eligibility and guaranteeing a scholarship

If you’re an aspiring video producer gunning for a film making scholarship, your best bet is probably sending in a video that you’ve created and that you would consider your best work so far. Regardless of your academic accomplishments, sending in some great work might just lend you a scholarship that would otherwise be out of reach.

If you’re feeling that your list of potential scholarship providers isn’t complete, check out fastscholarships.net for a more comprehensive list – you will very likely find an institution ready to help you, provided you have something to show. Arts majors are known to be a more flexible field of study than many others, focusing more on the person’s talents and creative ability rather than their college or university performance.

student video producers

Many of the world’s greatest film and video producers weren’t all that good as students. While a degree from a respectable university will certainly jumpstart your career, don’t despair if your grades aren’t as good as they could be. With the right pitch, your professors might just end up interpreting it as you being busy with your creative ventures