Ways to Bring the Happy Out in Your Production Team

It is quite hard to keep a team of people happy and motivated especially if you have a few people on your team who seems to be sucking the joy out of everyone by simply being around.  These negative people always have a negative comment to add to anything that goes wrong and they put the sting in each happy occasion.  They can also cause a lot of arguments on set with their smelly attitudes and it can be tough to stay happy when you have to work with negative people.  Here are a few great tips to help boost the general happiness of your teams;

Ways to Bring the Happy Out in Your Production Team

Get everyone to read books by Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn has a positive way of writing and has various books that helps thousands of people improve their lives and alter their attitudes for a more positive outlook on life.  This great author have sold over 1 million books and her popularity only seems to be growing and growing thanks to the psychological and philosophical research that she employs to create useful self-help books.  Some of the top books that are sure to change the moods of you and your team are;

Instant Happy Journal – This great journal has day to day advice and fills in dates so you can monitor and pen down all of your feelings whenever you want.  Journaling is fantastic therapy for you and everyone on set.

How to be Happy, Dammit – This book helps you find the positive side of life even if you don’t have the best of everything.

Instant Happy – This book consists of ways to give you a happiness makeover with cheeky sayings and great thought interventions.

Karen Salmanshohn has several works that you can read, all of which offers fantastic advice on how to get and stay in a happy mode.

Host get along seminars

One of the biggest issues in the workplace is because some people simply don’t know how to get along with others.  They don’t know how to work in a team, how to get along with colleagues or how to deal with overly competitive colleagues.   Your get along seminars might not be the most fun thing in the century but somewhere something is going to sink in and teamwork will start to flow more efficiently.

Implement a tasty day

A cake day is a fantastic way to get everyone excited about the week and excited to be at work. There is nothing that can improve the general mood of your team more than a yummy treat.  It gives everyone something great to talk about and something fun to do together.

Don’t argue in front of colleagues

Make it a rule that no one is to argue or insult in a team environment.  If you have to scold someone for something they did wrong then take them aside and speak to them in person and in private.  Screaming at someone in front of his or her colleagues only makes them feel embarrassed, angry and moves the focus of the mistake onto you instead of the problem itself.