Filming Action Sports – Tips for Better Shooting

Sports is one of the most popular things that people view on television, and over the internet. These are mediums that have come to our rescue, since we don’t have to be at the venue of the sporting event, in order to watch the games. With an internet connection, or the right television channels, one can view sports happening on the other end of the planet in real time. Despite the fact that it might seem very easy, filming these sporting events requires some skills. In this article, we are going to view some basic tips for better filming of action sports.

Get inspired

The first thing that one can do is to inspire themselves by spending time watching videos of the sport that they intend to shoot. This will give one great ideas on how to shoot, and it would be an even better idea to write them down.

Keep your gear lightweight

There are some shooting locations that are in very tricky locations, such as mountain slopes. Since one has to get to the shooting location, to avoid being weighed down, it would be advisable to keep the gear as light as possible. One will find that gear that is unnecessary tends to become uncomfortable.

Use action cameras

In order to get unique angles during the shoot, one would want to use action cameras. They have become very popular, and it would be a great idea to include point of view clips, as well as using different mounts while filming. The imagination should be the limit when shooting the videos.

Don’t forget sound

You can shoot the best visual video, but when the audio is poor quality, it won’t make sense. You can record the audio through an external recorder, keeping in mind the winds that might be hitting the microphone, if they are mounted on athletes.

Keep your shots steady yet dynamic

Investing in a good tripod could be a great idea, since you would want to keep the camera still while shooting the video. Don’t hesitate to include things like landscapes in the shots, particularly static ones. You should also consider using wide angle lens for the best shots.

Filming Action Sports – Tips for Better Shooting

Filming Action Sports – Tips for Better Shooting

The Best Martin Archery Recurve Bows

One of the action sports that you might want to consider photographing is archery. It would be interesting capturing the arrows shooting towards a target clearly. In order for you to get the best shots, you can use some of the tips mentioned above. You will also want to make sure that the athlete is using the right bows. We are now going to try and determine the best Martin archery recurve bow on the market.

Martin Archery Saber Recurve Bow

This bow comes with an aggressive aesthetic style, making it bold, rugged, and distinct. It features riser-mounted integrated VEMs, as well as an aluminum handle with special Thermal V elite grip. The grip comes with dampening, something that ensures hand shock and vibration free shots. It is an excellent bow for fishing, hunting, and target shooting, being stable and accurate.

Martin Archery Panther Take-Down Bow

This bow comes in Black Flame or Mossy Oak Infinity, and features Italian wood limbs and a bridged riser. This ensures that the bow is accurate and fast. It has smooth draws that don’t have hand shocks, like you’ll find in other bows.

Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Bow

This happens to be the most popular take down bow in the group. For starters, it is affordable and comes made from lightweight magnesium and aluminum, all of which are perfect for accuracy. It comes with a Camo design and guaranteed vibration-free performance. These make the bow comfortable and reliable. It also comes with accessories and a stabilizer, making it one of the best on the market.

Martin Archery Hunter Recurve Bow

This is the best hunting recurve bow that offers a feel of the traditional bow, showcasing beauty and performance. It has high end aesthetic details that are coupled with a precision build. It can draw up to 30 inches’ length, which leads to increased accuracy, stability, and control at a high speed and cast.  It features a Shedua wood riser, Bibinga broad beam, hard maple outline, and Eastern Hard Maple limbs with fiberglass accents and overlays.

Martin Archery Carbon Chameleon Compound Bow

This is the ultimate carbon bow that also comes at an unbeatable value. It features MaxAdapt cam system that ensures that the bow is durable, fast, and accurate. It allows for draw weights at lower levels and a fully adjustable NoPress Limb Weight System, perfect for maximizing draw weights and effortless maintenance. The advanced ergonomics make it comfortable and enjoyable.

Martin Archery Alder 20# Bow

This is a traditional model basic wooden bow with a fully wooden body. It features a 54-inch AMO length for strength when hunting, and also comes in right or left handed models.

Martin Archery Freedom Bow

This bow comes with a striking appearance that is made with cutting edge technology. It offers a variety of draw weights ranging from 25 to 55 pounds. It features a 60-inch AMO string length, an exotic hardwood material body, and heavily reinforced limb tips. It is lightweight and easy to handle, the reinforced material making it durable.

Martin Archery Cypress Bow

This is also a wooden bow that features zebra wood highlighting the riser.  It has a 64-inch AMO length that is supported by a strong body. It is easy to use and perfect for beginners. It comes in both right and left hand variants.


Filming action sports can turn out to be the best thing that you have ever done, when done right. It would be best to film a sporting event that you’re familiar with, and this could mean learning the ropes of the game. If you would like to shoot archery videos, you might want to try out archery with one of the bows mentioned above.