Startling Moments in Videos

We all know that scripted video production is the typical methodology for most movies and TV shows. However, there are moments when the scenes you see on these venues are more real than you realize. That is why we have compiled this list of startling moments in videos. Sometimes you are seeing an actor’s genuine response.

Many of you have heard about the 40 Year Old Virgin scene in which Steve Carrell’s chest gets waxed. And, you may even know that they actually waxed his chest in that scene. So, the screaming we all cracked up at was his genuine response. Therefore, if you think you might need to get your own chest, or other location, waxed, we suggest you follow hairfreeclub on Facebook. You will be less surprised and pained by that experience than Carrell was with his!

Startling Moments in Videos

Other Shocking Video Production Realities

While some reactions in film are genuine there are two methods usually employed to achieve those results. There is enforced method acting, where the producers surprise the actors with events on scene that aren’t included in the script. And, the other is more of an accident or an ad-lib that is just too good to cut out. The results are the same, a more compelling and memorable viewing experience. So, here are some other shocking video production realities:

  • Alien– When that alien bursts out of the first chest on the film, the actors simply knew that something would happen. Producers did not give them all the details because they wanted to get their actual reactions. They had no idea they would be showered with blood and gore. This is why the screaming and arm-flailing by Veronica Cartwright seems so real, it was! Learn more about the movie, Aliens to see what other craziness ensued.
  • Mad Men– A scene in the third season of the show has been well-talked about. It involves a lawnmower. The actors and actresses were informed that they would be splattered with blood on the count of three, but instead the splatter happened on two. They were all genuinely surprised.
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers– When Aragorn kicks the orc helmet, assuming that Merry and Pippin are dead, in a rage he screams and breaks down. It is an impressively real moment in the film. And, that’s because it is. After redoing the scene several times, the scene they chose to keep in the video is the moment he breaks two toes kicking the helmet. That’s real pain on the big screen. Read this to find out what other mishaps occurred during the filming of the Lord of the Rings series.
  • Fight Club– There are two memorable and real moments in this film. One is the moment that Ed Norton hits Brad Pitt. Pitt hollers, “You hit me in the ear!” That’s because the producer pulled Norton aside and told him to actually hit Pitt. That was a surprise attack for sure. And, then there’s the scene where the two are drunk hitting golf balls from their yard. This was not actually in the script. They both got drunk and thought it would be fun to hit the balls at the catering truck.

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