Tips for Creating Videography Adverts to Sell or Promote Timber Frame Homes

Videography is becoming increasingly popular in especially the family life.  These visuals are superb for capturing unique and once in a lifetime occasions.  Wedding videography is one of the most popular videography requests that video producers often get.  Birth videography and newborn videography, as well as a-day-in-family-life stories, are also gaining a lot of popularity.  But the possibilities for videography extend far beyond the family borders.

Videography can be a powerful commercial tool in a lot of other sectors and especially the realtor industry or can even be used by individual homeowners to get quicker home sales.

One of the most challenging things for home buyers that shop online is to get a realistic idea of what a home looks like.  When you check out the home adverts online you usually get a few glimpses of the home through photographs but this hardly creates a realistic vibe.  Just imagine how much better it would be if you could enjoy a video presentation of the home before you even contact the real-estate agent?

Tips for Creating Videography Adverts to Sell or Promote Timber Frame Homes

Tips for Creating Videography Adverts to Sell or Promote Timber Frame Homes

Why videography for timber frame homes

Videography could especially be useful for timber frame homes.  These timber frame homes Canada are absolutely gorgeous and ultimately luxurious yet, their sheer splendor is challenging to capture on photographs.  With a high-quality video film of the home, all of the best aspects of the home and the natural wood paneling can be displayed easily and quickly.  If you are selling a timber home then videography is definitely the way to go for much better and more effective advertising.

Videography tips for superb video home displaying

So you want to start creating videos of homes?  Well perhaps these few tips might fuel a brilliant career in home videography;

Steady camera – Keeping your camera steady is a must because you want to create a smooth visual of the home.  Invest in a stand that you can move around smoothly.

Close-ups are good – Show off that natural wood grain in the home by zooming in closely so viewers can get a good view of the quality.

Lighting is essential – If you are in the filming industry then you know that lighting is a big factor in film production.  Videography is no different.  The right lighting means the difference between a bad video and a luxury vibe.

Consider time laps – If you are shooting a big home then a time-lapse can be good to fit everything in.

Editing is crucial – The editing and final touches need to be perfect.  Your scenes should interlink perfectly and audio or writing descriptions can make it easier for the viewer to navigate between different rooms.

The right music – Get soothing and relaxing music that suits the natural vibe of the timber home.  The right music can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the video.

Home cleanup – It is important to give the entire home a good cleanup and especially to organize before you even think of getting the camera out.