Top Video Sharing Apps!

It was the time of folks’ lives when videos were imagined to be the new most amazing thing to them and considered not less than magic. Who did not love to see themselves moving, smiling, talking and able to watch them repeatedly and kept all those memories alive?

Then the technology had just entered to human lives and taken all over the media market which made recording movies easy. With all the technological advancements, in early times, people get to use those handy cameras that could record videos. A VCR was used to play those video cassettes, and the little joys were considered great luxuries. However, with the further development in the field, everyone now can own video cameras, DSLR’s or either smart phones having vivid cameras.

Top Video Sharing Apps!

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Check out the apps where you can upload your video and share with the world:

  1. YouTube:

YouTube was initially a forum for everyone to upload videos of their choice in HD. With the evolution of smartphones, the website turned into an app where individuals could enjoy hours of unlimited videos on their smartphones. You can Sign-in, create your channel, and even make money out of it by monetizing your channel. The more subscribers and likes you get for your videos, the merrier.

People usually find their favorite TV shows, films, and documentaries on YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube is the source of Vlogs. Vlogs are basically the video blogs from random people around the world having certain skills, and that could be helpful to others. Vlogs are gaining popularity with the time.

  1. Snapchat:

Snapchat is a live app that allows you to upload pictures and videos of yourself in the live moment. The media stories you post will remain available to your followers for 24 hours and disappears after that. If any of your followers want to take the screenshot your article i.e. pictures or video stills, they can, but, you will receive a notification of the screen shot is taken. You can enhance your videos with various filters; the map feature allows you to locate your friends and their whereabouts if their geotagging is turned on. Several people have started their Snapchat blog since it is an easy way to communicate.

  1. Lightt:

Lightt is another app that not only shoots videos with sharing option; it also works to save space. The shooting mode is in burst since you can take some pictures that are saved to create a video out of those pictures. Even though the clips are just 10 seconds long, these are an interesting way to shoot your time. Followers can chat, scroll, and enjoy your videos. However, this app does not support sounds. It is more like a flicker book in digital form.