Tips for Shooting Dynamic Video Interviews

There are very many things that one must consider before shooting a video interview. Depending on the sort of topic that you’re going to be dealing with, there will have to be things like research, organizing the studio, using the right video and sound equipment, relaxing. There are a host of things that one should do, and although we cannot mention all of them right now, we are going to look at some tips for shooting dynamic video interviews.

Tips for Shooting Dynamic Video Interviews

Research and Preparation

In order for you to have a great interview, it is important for you to do some good research on the topic. Research will give you an insight into things that you never knew, and they could prove to be gold during the interview when you interview the interviewee.


Having a solid outline of what you would like to talk about is paramount. This will give the interview a direction. One of the best approaches is to start off with safe and easy questions to make the interviewee comfortable, before moving to harder questions.

Location Scout

It is important to scout around for the best location to hold the shoot. You would have to physically visit the location before you shoot to check out things like the lighting, noise, electricity availability, and many other things. You wouldn’t want to get bad surprises on the day of the shoot.

Pick a Style

There are certain things that you’ll have to take into consideration before the interview. Styles include things like, will the interviewer be seen on camera? Would you like dull lighting or creative lighting? You should pick your style and communicate it to the rest of the team before you begin the interview.

Use a Professional Sound Recordist

You want to use sound quality that will hold the attention of the audience, and we all know that bad sound quality does the direct opposite have a sound professional to ensure that you get the best audio and don’t suffer the fate that so many documentaries and interviews have suffered due to poor audios.

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Now you know of how you can prepare for that interview video shoot. There are many more ways that you can prepare, depending on circumstances. Remember to take some time out at the spa before you go for the video shoot, and you’ll be amazed at how great you’ll feel.