Requirements of Becoming a Bonded Contractor

For a contractor, having a contractor bond is of utmost importance, as they will be expected to provide that bond for most of the jobs that they apply to. This bond assures the client that just in case the job done by the contractor is unsatisfactory, for example, if the job is incomplete or doesn’t meet the requirements, then a company will provide the surety and the necessary funding to finish the incomplete work. A bond, in most cases, is project specific, and so, if you want to learn more about how to obtain a a contractor bond quote and what its requirements are, then keep reading.

Bonded Contractor

Types of contractor bonds

For large jobs or for jobs for the government, bonds are a requirement, as that is what approves a contractor’s bid before they’re even selected. For the job to be awarded, there are a few different bonds that a contractor needs to know about. Firstly, there is the performance bond, and that is one that most owners will ask for. This bond ensures that a surety company will get the job done if the contractor doesn’t.

Aside from that, a surety company and the contractor must also provide the client with a payment bond. This will ensure that in case the contractor fails to meet the needs, the surety will financially cover the sub-contractors or the employees of the contractor. And finally, the last bond that is necessary is the material and labor bond, which ensures that the suppliers of materials are properly paid.


For a contractor to receive a bond, the first thing that they need is experience. Not only does the contractor need to prove to the surety company that he/she has the experience to complete the job, the contractor also needs to prove that he/she has the track record reflecting his/her capabilities. The more history and experience a contractor presents, the likelier it is for them to get the contractor bond quote.

Cost and financials

A financial statement must be submitted to the surety company, proving the contractor’s ability in making a profit in the past few years or the last several projects. Additionally, the bonding company will also want to know whether the contractor is financially secure or not, by checking that he/she has billables and/or assets, and sufficient ready cash.

The bonding amount secured by the contractor is also dependent on the contractor’s track record and experience. Contractors usually establish a good relationship with a specific bonding company. As the contractor completes more jobs and the surety begins to trust them, the surety is more willing to risk a larger sum of money.

Finally, a contractor needs to know that a bonding isn’t free. The contractor has costs too, although most of it is being covered by the surety. A percentage of the bond’s amount needs to be paid by the contractor to the surety. Although this is only about 1%, the amount increases if the surety feels that there is more risk.

Bottom Line

It is important for a contractor to have a bond, as without it, it will be almost impossible for them to get jobs. These bonds ensure their financial liability.

Benefits of Eating Healthy

Many people eat junk food out of sheer laziness. They claim that they don’t have the time to cook a decent meal and yet they have the time to waste hours every day on Facebook or Tumblr. Unless you make a living out of being a potato couch, take a look at yourself and revaluate your life choices. Get up and make better and healthier life choices, and the simplest ways of doing that will be by altering your diet. This will enable you to lead a happier and more productive life. Eat healthier, it really will make a difference.

eating healthy

Benefit 1: Controls weight

Many would say that they exercise a lot and yet do not lose weight. To them, we would ask, have you tried to control your diet? If the answer is no, then it is obvious as to why they aren’t losing weight. Controlling your food intake is an important factor to losing weight. You can expect your exercising to make an impact if you don’t control your food intake as well.

The same applies for those that don’t want to lose weight and just want to become fitter. A controlled, healthy diet prevents you from losing excess weight, yet it also prevents you from gaining any. In other words, it controls your body weight and enables you to lead a healthy, happy life.

Benefit 2: Combats disease

There are many diseases that can be prevented just by eating healthy, such as strokes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. Not only that, but a combination of a proper diet and adequate exercise would also enable you to combat a whole other range of diseases as well. That is because a combination of both diet and exercise ensures a healthier being, both physically and mentally, and that is why one is less prone to diseases.

Benefit 3: Increases lifespan

This is a fact. As mentioned earlier, a proper diet and exercise prevents a person from being attacked by a whole range of diseases, and this, in turn, ensures that you live longer. Many studies have been conducted that prove that a proper diet combined with taking a 30 minute walk every day ensures a longer life compared to those that do not follow a proper diet or take a walk.

Benefit 4: Boosts energy

One tends to feel their energy drain away after eating foods that are high in fat content as well as sugar. Eating a balanced diet, which contains lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products ensures that your body has the adequate amount of energy to last a whole day. A diet as such combined with a healthier lifestyle which involves exercise, for instance, boosts your overall energy level.

Bottom line

The points mentioned in this article is nothing new. Any health conscious person or nutritionist would be able to tell you the importance of leading a healthy life. And so, if you eat healthier and make an effort to leading a healthier life, you will be guaranteed to live a comparatively longer and a happier life.

Difference between Payroll Software, Online Payroll and Payroll Services

To be able to select the appropriate payroll solution for your company is definitely an important decision to take for every company owners. Take into account that if a wrong solution was selected, it does not just mean a waste of money but it also has an effect on the entire company’s productivity. It is ideal to consider the available resources when deciding for the best payroll solution. Below are the differences that business owners should know about the three payroll solutions available.

Payroll Software, Online Payroll and Payroll Services

The Use of Payroll Software

When you have this method, it automatically means that you have your own payroll department in your company or your in-house payroll. With this, the department is in charge of doing the software upgrades, tax tables as well as changes of tax rates. Having this method gives high control level and most businessmen prefer this solution. The main duties would consist of generation of checks, filling of tax return, withholding of taxes and payment of payroll tax. All of such duties should be performed appropriately by the department. The software may or may not feature direct deposits method.

In order for this method to work well, a professional who is familiar with the laws of payroll and has a background in accounting should be hired. Considering the major responsibilities connected with payroll, the hourly rate of the professional to be hired is quite expensive as well.

Online Payroll Option

Internet payroll or online payroll can be custom made to match the needs of the client. This solution varies depending on the company providing the service. This option does not necessitate the client to maintain their tax tables or update their software. Also, it is fine even if you will hire an online payroll far from your office address. Most online payroll provider can be hired offshore.  Read more at

Payroll Services

If you opt to hire payroll service, it means that the company’s entire payroll tasks will be outsourced to another company. With such, you need to be in contact with the company whenever you run your payroll. It can be every week, once a month or twice each month. The selected payroll service will be the one to do the generation of checks, process tax payments, withhold taxes, tax return filing and manage the year end forms. Such option likewise offers electronic services. The usual scenario is that you will hire a provider near your office location.

This option is quite simple. Delegating the payroll task to the payroll service is simply a phone call away. This is the best payroll solution for those who do not have resources such as an in-house payroll. Having this set-up will enable the business owners to be free from worrying about software updates, training of employees and all the other things.

With the three payroll solutions discussed, it is best to make sure that the one to select will match your company and employees’ need. At the end of the day, it will be you as the owner who will reap the benefits with the right solution for your company.

Why Small Businesses Need A Bookkeeper

To keep the record of accounts of a business, the majority of business owners fail to look at the benefits of hiring a bookkeeper. Most would say that it is just a waste of money as they can do the books on their own. However, when a small business have got their own bookkeeper, it is not hard to see that the ROI or return of investment is pretty fulfilling. Such decisions may or may not be made if your company is geared up with someone who has good background with finances. Below are some of the good reasons why small businesses would benefit the most when they hire a bookkeeper.

Why Small Businesses Need A Bookkeeper

Knowledge and Background is specialized

The process of accounting and bookkeeping is no simple task. Hence, it would require some sort of specialized knowledge of the field. With such, it can help minimize any errors and can set the activities of the business with worthwhile figures. Keep in mind that only skilled and competent accountants are able to do such job. Small business owners are operations oriented type of people. Most of the times, they do not posses such skills unless they have proper education themselves.

Doing financial analysis for the best decision making

When numbers are not analyzed, they simply do not make any sense to business activities and processes. Accountants are best in making such financial analysis. As the owner of a start up business or a growing business, they should just rely on the analysis made by the skilled bookkeepers rather than getting stressed out in doing the analysis or preparing the details. Read more at

Updated records

As a business owner who manages the operations and in charge of running it at the same time, it can be a challenging task to also update the books. However, when there is a bookkeeper entirely in charge of the books, all records will absolutely be current.

Added value by the bookkeepers

Since there are only a few people part of the small or starting up company, the bookkeeper will guarantee that there will be no issues related to doing the debtors book, managing creditors and the filing of regulatory returns and taxes.

Analysis of product’s profitability

With the help of a bookkeeper, a small business can be able to do an analysis of the product’s performance. With such, the business owners can get the help required to determine top performing products or determine ways on how to make the products saleable.

Gives independent opinion for the benefit of the business

Rest assured that bookkeepers are not biased to what you are selling. From them, you can be able to hear the real score of the business. They will act as the unbiased reference point to judge how your business is doing.

Those were only some of the few good reasons why bookkeepers are a must for small businesses. Their job is not minimal and must not be overlooked as it can certainly be of great help for the business.

Is it required for SMSF to be audited by SMSF auditors?

There has been an intention by the federal government to take a look at the recommendation of Cooper Review regarding autonomy of the SMSF auditor to see whether or not any alterations are required for its current standards. Leon Yap is an accredited and professional auditor of SMSF that has quite a few experiences in auditing across various frameworks of legislative. In order for a self managed super fund to be solid, it is required to be audited by the recognized auditor of SMSF.

SMSF or self managed superannuation funds was able to purchase property. This is allowed if it is in line with one’s system of investment. The thing is, not all people can meet the necessary requirements because until September of 2007, they are not allowed to borrow. The 1193 Act of Superannuation Industry Supervision demands that all the SMSF trustees should be able to have certain fund to be audited every year only by a licensed auditor of SMSF. Appointment of trustees is needed for almost all the superannuation funds.

SMSF auditors

The SMSF announcement made by ATO provides regular information and details for the connected trustees with the super funds, authorized auditors, agents of income tax, financial planners and to the administrators of key regulatory and administrative topics. The other relevant enhancements that can interest the industry are also provided. With the super funds law and regulations, they can be able to manage the diversity related to lending concerns. As a means to be eligible to the concessions of tax that is available to comply on the funds, the SMSF should fulfill the conditions of selected residency. Also, within the income year, it should be viewed as resident regulated fund. Read more at—An-Overview&id=6535583

In terms of in-house asset, it can be considered as a good investment in, a lease with, investment within a connected fund trust or associated party of the funds. The usual thing that happens is, as a trustee, there can be restriction from loaning to, doing investment in or leasing to the funds’ associated party of above 5% of the total assets of the fund.

It is required for the SMSF to be audited only by the authorized auditors. The increasing focus on the issues related to the autonomy of the auditor and the requirements already heightened the interest being paid to the auditors of SMSF together with the sturdiness of the audit they made.  With SMSF audit firm, the independence issue will not be the sole thing to be eliminated but the entire service offered by SMSF can also be enhanced.

There will be some cases when it would be better for the audit firm of SMSF to call at your practice. It can be to do the audits or to discuss details on how to further make the investment worthy.

The said service is not the same as the once a year audit required by the law and how most practice of accounting works. It is because the entire system that also includes auditing can also be provided properly and just the way you need it.

Top 5 things to remember when producing a movie

Video production is a way to express yourself and give something to the world, all the while likely having a lot of fun. While producing a movie can be very entertaining both for the producer and the audience, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to create the very best piece you can.

Top 5 things to remember when producing a movie

#1 Don’t hold yourself back. The movie you produce is meant to act as a window to your soul, and not just be a generic video with no personal touch added to it. All the best movie producers have clearly distinct styles and have become known and loved because of this – they would have never gotten to where they are without leaving their signature style in everything they make.check latest news at

#2 Think about your audience. Do you want to appeal to a specific group of people, or do you want your movie or video to be liked by anyone and everyone? You should produce your movie in accordance to this. If you are targeting a group of like-minded individuals, feel free to make the movie more artistic and eccentric, but if you are looking to attract a wider crowd, remember to let the average Joe feel like he can relate to what he is watching.

#3 Have a good premise behind the movie. All the production skills in the world won’t get you very far without a purposeful approach and a clear destination. You need to have a solid foundation for the movie you are producing in terms of story and themes, instead of just going with the flow, which brings us to the next point.

#4 Envision your movie from start to finish. Instead of looking to improvise as you go, you should have a clear picture of what you want your movie to look like. Many of the top movie producers are sometimes accused of perfectionism, and not settling down for anything other than a movie that turns out exactly how they envisioned it. As a producer, it’s your role to shape each and every aspect of the movie.

#5 Don’t be afraid to get help. Depending on the type of movie you are producing, you might need help in terms of actors or extras, assistance with video editing, musical score or even a script. Don’t take the brunt of all these responsibilities on yourself – instead, focus on performing your role by potentially enlisting others to help you finish your work.

What separates good movies from bad ones

In accordance with the first point, how good a movie turns out to be often comes down to engagement. Despite what you think or what you have been told, you need to engage the person watching your work and make them ponder the ideas being presented with. Don’t make the action too dull, but at the same time, don’t bombard the viewers with more themes than they can process.

producing a movie

People who watch movies and videos do so because they want to have fun and relax from the stresses of everyday life. While a deeper meaning behind what they’re seeing is always a bonus, never wander too far from your role as an entertainer.

Best video Production schools in Canada

While video production usually boils down to the producer’s creative talents, getting a degree from a respectable school can mean a lot, as is the case with most professions. Not everyone can go to the school they want, but you can still get a top-notch education in your chosen field with the right amount of research.

Best video production schools in Canada

Vancouver Film School: Among the most prestigious film production schools out there, the Vancouver Film School is the school many aspiring Canadian producers dream of going to. With its extensive curriculum that features 13 different programs related to the entertainment arts, just about everyone with an interest in making great videos will have a great time here. While the tuition fee of $29,800 for domestic students and $45,050 for international ones for a one-year program will undoubtedly be too steep for some and the school isn’t the easiest to get into, once you enroll, you can expect to get all the necessary knowledge to be a successful film maker.

Toronto Film School: Another top-notch Canadian film school, the Toronto Film School’s curriculum is particularly expansive, even encompassing things such as interior decoration. There are several different programs based on their duration, from one to two years. A one-year program will cost $15,800 while a two-year one is priced at $32,150 – not the most affordable school, but money well spent for anyone with a true passion for film making.

York University’s Faculty of Fine Arts: An arts school with a particular focus on film making, this university has given birth to an astounding members of notable and accomplished film makers. From indie producers to those working on blockbusters, York’s Faculty of Fine arts has quite the collection of alumni, giving testament to the efficiency of their program. Also, this is one of the few schools that offers a four-year course in film and video making.

University of British Columbia’s Department of Theatre and Film: Like other faculties at BC University, the Department of Theatre and Film is an esteemed educational facility that tutored many notable film makers in its many years of operation. The work of this faculty’s alumni has been awarded many times by prominent organizations, from Emmy victories to Academy Award nominations. In line with the prestigiousness of the school, the academic success one needs to have to enroll is somewhat considerable.checkout more video and movie making information at

How much will an education in film making do for you

video Production schools

While it’s true that succeeding in arts doesn’t require as much education as other fields, the art of film making is one of the most technical ones. There are plenty of things a movie producer should know that can’t be covered by intuition alone, and the number of these things increases as technology progresses. Because of this, a degree in film making will assure you that you have all the appropriate skills for the job to complement your talent.Read more detailed updates about movie making at this link.

It’s certainly possible to make a name for yourself in the film scene without formal education, but a diploma will definitely make things easier for you – not to mention connecting you with people that could help you on your professional journey.

3 Canadian scholarships for students wanting to be video producers

Most would-be video producers decide on their career path very early on. Being a video producer takes a particular set of talents, and not everyone has the drive and passion to succeed in this highly competitive field. While producing videos for a living can be lucrative, getting an education to better yourself on your journey towards your dream job can be difficult, if for financial demands alone. We have listed some of the best Canadian scholarships for aspiring video producers.

The top 3 Canadian video production scholarships

Access Communications/Fred Wagman Scholarship in Film & Video: Available to those studying in the Saskatchewan region and provided by the University of Regina, the Freg Wagman scholarship is a nice bursary for those who find paying their tuition fees difficult. Valued at $1,500, this scholarship is given to undergraduates in their third year who have displayed considerable academic achievements. These include top grades with a minimum CGPA of 75% and a GPA of 80% in the student’s major, as well as a minimum of 12 credit hours registered in a more information about video production at this website.

Gordon Parsons Scholarship: A scholarship offered to future film and video makers, the Gordon Parsons Scholarship is worth $1,000 and is given to students of NSCAD University, which stands for Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture. This scholarship doesn’t require as much academic success as some others, so it can be a great help to those students who don’t have the best grades but nevertheless have a passion for video production. It is available to both part and full-time students.

New Brunswick Arts Board Scholarship Program: A flexible scholarship that covers many different Canadian provinces, from Alberta and Ontario to Saskatchewan, this bursary is provided to arts students regardless of their specific university. Ranging from $1,000 to 2,500, the New Brunswick Arts Scholarship is available to citizen and immigrant students with majors in music, theatre, film and video and several other arts.

Knowing your eligibility and guaranteeing a scholarship

If you’re an aspiring video producer gunning for a film making scholarship, your best bet is probably sending in a video that you’ve created and that you would consider your best work so far. Regardless of your academic accomplishments, sending in some great work might just lend you a scholarship that would otherwise be out of reach.

If you’re feeling that your list of potential scholarship providers isn’t complete, check out for a more comprehensive list – you will very likely find an institution ready to help you, provided you have something to show. Arts majors are known to be a more flexible field of study than many others, focusing more on the person’s talents and creative ability rather than their college or university performance.

student video producers

Many of the world’s greatest film and video producers weren’t all that good as students. While a degree from a respectable university will certainly jumpstart your career, don’t despair if your grades aren’t as good as they could be. With the right pitch, your professors might just end up interpreting it as you being busy with your creative ventures