No matter the workplace environment, you'll come to find that software plays a pretty big deal in the day-to-day operations of any particular business. Grocery stores use software to keep tabulations on stock, and sales figures. Sports teams use software for scouting purposes, graphic designers use a number of different software programs for their graphic design needs, be it video editing, photoshopping, or color correction. (click here for a definition of photoshopping) Writers use software to write their book or screenplay. Some dental offices, the teeth whitening experts for instance, use software to store files of each patient and for scheduling appointments. We could go on and on, with more examples, but we think you get our point by now.

One industry we wanted to focus on a little more in depth when it comes to software is the airline industry. When it comes to the aviation and airline industry there are different types of airline software used, that helps keep things flowing smoothly. Be it booking flights, managing airline crew, ensuring flight operations are organized, etc.

You would hope that the software airlines use would be of the highest quality, and they usually are. You can't possibly imagine airlines are able to run that smoothly and efficiently without a little technological help, do you? Of course not! Just think about how hectic a day in the life of an airline or airport worker is. Keeping tabs on arrivals, departures, checking the weather reports, updating passengers on gate numbers, making last minute hotel reservations due to cancelled flights, re-booking flights, re-routing passengers due to delays, etc. That's just a few tasks that occur during a normal day at the airport.

As you can see, there's a lot that goes into ensuring an airport never misses a beat. Once you factor in everything that airline workers have to do during the day, you'll be exhausted wondering how they all keep it together. Don't forget to multiply all that work you counted up in your head by a hundred or a thousand, because of the number of international airports there are! Airline software is used to connect one airport to the other, through computers, so that whenever something needs to be taken care of in one airport, say check gate numbers in a another airport, a few clicks on a mouse or keyboard is all that's needed.

Without software, airlines wouldn't be able to process flights as quickly as they do, which would cause even more delays than you would normally see, and nobody needs that!

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