With energy prices rising all the time, it is becoming more and more desirable to live free of gas and electricity. But, is it really feasible for people who don't live in places like Mexico and California to power their homes using solar power? And how would you even get started on such a renovation project? More and more people from Dallas to Toronto are finding ways to live off of the sun. Here is some more information on solar-powered homes to help you decide if this is the right thing for your property. Learn more about solar power.

While the development of solar panels to capture the sun's energy in a relatively recent invention, people have been using the sun's rays for many purposes for thousands of years. The energy that the sun produces for the earth in less than three weeks is more than all of the oil, natural gas, and coal in the whole world can ever give us. Experts say that one hundred square miles of solar panels in America's southwestern quadrant could power the whole of the country's mainland. But, since there have not yet been plans to create this massive solar field, individuals are building homes with self-sustaining solar technology.

While many environmental junkies might just promote that everyone live completely off the grid, there are many small ways that you can incorporate solar energy into your existing home. You could install solar shingles on your roof that will match your existing asphalt colour. These shingles will increase you're home's value and drastically lower your energy bill throughout the year. You will find them on many new homes.

A solar water heater is another great way to save some money while still being good to the environment. Water heating can account for as much as thirty percent of the average home's energy bill and a solar water heater will usually pay for itself in the first five years. If you're living in a subdivision and are interested in setting your home apart from all of the others, this can be a fantastic way to do it. Of course, if you have a home that will not generate enough solar power to run this type of water heater, a tankless water heater is another excellent option. Thank you to our website support sponsor, - Learn more about Atlantis Pools and their London pool closing services, as well as other services, by clicking on the link.

Many homeowners are also improving the outside of their home using solar energy. You could incorporate some solar lighting around your property or enjoy the relaxation and beauty of a solar swimming pool.

People living in the country with acres of space and those living in condos are all finding more and more ways to reduce their carbon footprint. And why not start at home? It's likely where you consume the most energy and where you have the most control. Solar energy in entirely renewable and could make a huge difference in the future of this planet.

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