The internet itself is a communication and research tool that is often exploited by businesses, whether they create loading dock bumper pads for warehouses or perhaps they manage hedge funds. But did you know that the internet is actually full of other tools that you can download or use to improve the functionality of your business? It's true. If you're just starting up a business and you're wondering what tools there are out there that can help you be successful faster, look no further than the internet, and this website to be your guide.

If collaboration with other businesses or entities in other places is one of the goals of your business or research group, the internet contains plenty of tools to help you link up with other people and share information. If it's merely social information, events, photos, and videos that you need to share, company members can keep in touch with each other on sites like Facebook and Linkedin. For a more intimate, in depth topics, you can use web conferencing applications like Adobe Connect or AnyMeeting and share files through your DropBox or Google Documents accounts.

Finding new staff for your company is another task that internet tools can help you with. You can use websites like or Workopolis to create a job profile and describe the food product launches the new employee will be responsible for. These sites also allow you to browse the resumes of people who are looking for work and get tips on how to conduct an interview. Once they're hired, you can use web tools such as NolaPro accounting software and Doodle's online scheduling to keep everyone on track and on budget and help them spend less time coordinating and more time supporting the company.

Of course, advertising is where the internet really comes into its own in the business world. Online advertising tools such as Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Commission Junction, Value Click, and TWX allow you to create your own ads and specify what sort of advertising you want (video, pictographic, text, etc.) and the network will do the rest - matching up websites with ad space and business owners, with relevant ads through complicated algorithms. Because internet advertising is based on results (sales or clicks) rather than exposure, you can save a lot of money over traditional forms of advertising such as television or newspaper ads.

Sales is another area in which internet tools have made things easier for owners. Just a few years ago, to sell a used phone or a beaded bracelet would require renting shop space. Today, all you need is an online store, which can be created for you through websites like Amazon Marketplace and Ebay without you ever learning a single word of a programming language. These tools allow you to sell right from your own home.

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